POWER WASH - Is a liquid concentrate especially formulated for cleaning cars, trucks and buses manually or with a high-pressure washer. It dilutes 40 : 1 with water.

OXIDATION-X - An acid cleaner that removes rust and scale from metal and concrete surfaces. Excellent for cleaning the ferrous chloride stains on concrete surfaces.

WASH-N-WAX - Another unique blend of cleaner and wax in concentrated form for washing and waxing all types of vehicles with painted surfaces.

VHT PAINT & CHEMICALS - Spray paints, brake cleaner, anti-seize compound and belt dressing.

GRANULAR CHLORINE - 100 pound drums of 65% active in plastic containers, 99% active Trichlor and chlorine tablets.

ANTI-MICROBIAL - This hand cleaning sanitizer contains 1% Para-Chlorometa-Xylenol with lanolin and aloe vera.

HUSKEY LUBRINCANTS - Greases, oils and food grade lubricants with U.S.D.A. H-1 ratings.

RAP-O - Manhole cover silencer.

SEWER DYE - Fluorescent green powder and liquid dye.

TERAND AEROSOLS - Any and all maintenance aerosols.