BIG TIME - This 20 lb. block will continuously mask foul odors for up to 3 months. Effective in liftstations, manholes and around the headworks areas at the plant.

LITTLE TIME - A 1 lb. deodorant block is great for freshening the air in fleet vehicles and in restrooms. It comes in plain and cherry scent.

ODOR CONTROL GRANULES - A mixture of absorbents in a cherry scent to mask foul odors in sewer, storm drains, grit bins and garbage cans.

ODOR OUT - Designed to work fast on foul odors from pets, trash, mildew and vomit. It leaves the air with a fresh lemon scent.

AIRE SCENT - A highly concentrated atmospheric deodorant that contains an active carrier of 40%. It normally dilutes 10:1 with water but can be diluted 50:1.

SCENTROL - This odor neutralizer eliminates foul odors in the air by oxidizing the bacteria that create the odors. It is water-soluble and can be placed in a tray to vaporize or it can be misted in the air by mechanical means. It will eliminate odors caused by hydrogen sulfide.